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Click here for an interactive map showing
bathing beach sampling results in Cecil County for 2016.

Results are reported for the following Cecil County beaches, corresponding to the map:


Beach Identification Key Priority
1Holloway BeachLow
2Charlestown ManorMedium
3Elk Neck State Park - Northeast RiverHigh
4Elk Neck State Park - Elk RiverLow
5Sandy Hill CampLow
6Hacks PointMedium
7Buttonwood BeachMedium
8Elkview ShoresLow
9Crystal BeachMedium
10Grove Point CampLow
11Indian AcresLow

High priority beaches are sampled weekly, medium priority beaches biweekly and low priority beaches monthly. The most recent date of sampling will be noted when you select each location from the interactive map.

Samples are analyzed for entercocci bacteria, with results reported as the geometric mean of the number of "colony forming units" (CFU) per 100 ml of water for three samples collected at the beach each date. Maryland Department of the Environment Regulations establish the following limits for bacteria:

  • 104 CFU - for samples collected on a single date, at high and medium priority beaches.
  • 158 CFU - for samples collected on a single date at low priority beaches.
  • 35 CFU - for all samples collected at the beach over the previous 30 days.

It is important to note that sample results reflect the water conditions at a particular time and that surface waters are not bacteria free; water which is muddy or murky looking such as after a heavy rainfall is more likely to have higher levels of bacteria. Parents of young children should be especially cautious, since the children may be more vulnerable to infections from contaminated water, as well as more likely to swallow water when swimming or playing.

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